Plastic straws – a single use, non-recyclable plastic still found in many restaurants, hotels and resorts are steadily falling out of favor. In the past few years, many governments and establishments throughout the world have banned the small item that wreaks havoc on sea life. Because of their size and the fact that they do not biodegrade, millions of plastic straws end up in the ocean, eventually fragmenting and being mistaken by sea life as food.

SaveOurBeach is encouraging restaurants on Main Street, Seal Beach to join them in their efforts to drastically reduce the number of plastic straws used by local patrons.

SaveOurBeach has created a tastefully worded table tent to be placed on dining tables at restaurants, stating that you must ask for a single use plastic straw; it will not automatically be provided to you. Taco Surf and The Hangout have already started this practice and O’Malley’s on Main have agreed to join the practice. SaveOurBeach is requesting that every local restaurant do the same. If you are a restaurant owner or manager and wish to join this movement and are willing to place the table tents on your tables, please email Steve Masoner at and he will provide the table tents.

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