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non-profit 501(C)3 corporation ID# 35-2176382 dedicated to improving the water quality along the Southern California coastline.
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Kim with Blanket
Here is a tutorial on how Kim is crocheted single use grocery bags (Ralphs/Vons/Albertsons) into bedrolls and giving them to the homeless:
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Cool Treasures Made From Trash

TerraCycle Drink Pouch Lunch Box made from drink pouches.

Pop tab jewelry.


Save Our Beach conducts monthly beach and wetlands cleanups in Seal Beach and Long Beach.

Mission Statement: To educate individuals, companies, schools & organizations on how their environmental footprint impacts their community and the world by participating in Save Our Beach environmental field trips, beach & riverbed cleanups and team building activities.

Seal Beach Cleanups are normally the 3rd Saturday from 9 a.m. to Noon at the beach parking lot at the end of 1st Street, Seal Beach. Check in the parking lot at the Blue Canopy. < Click here to get Seal Beach Cleanup Dates and Directions >

Long Beach Cleanups are normally the 1st Saturday from 9 a.m. to Noon where Termino Ave. meets the sand in Long Beach. < Click here to get Long Beach Cleanup Dates and Directions >

Wetlands Cleanups are normally the 2nd Friday from 9 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. - park at the lot just north of the intersection of 1st. Street and Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach. < Click here to get Wetlands Cleanup Dates and Directions >

Other Beach Cleanups - I keep an up to date list of all beach cleanups in Southern California. < Click here to get Other Beach Cleanup information >

Your Beach Cleanup Just email me, Kim Masoner, Founder of "Save Our Beach" at kim@saveourbeach.org and I can help you arrange your own Beach Cleanup! I'll take care of the required city permit, free parking, bags, gloves, etc. You can set it up to clean the beach for an hour or two and then have time to enjoy a clean beach afterward! < Click here to get information on having your own Beach Cleanup >

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We started "Save Our Beach" because we live along the ocean (it's literally our backyard) and we take long walks and pick up trash along the way. We were asked many times if we had any extra bags as people would see us pick up trash and they thought they'd like to help, so we started carrying extra trash bags on our walks. Then we started carrying a box of trash bags with us and setting it on the sand and people would pick up a trash bag and help out. And then we decided if there is that much interest in people that want to help, we'll just make it easier for them by conducting a beach cleanup on a monthly basis. Then we added California Coastal Day, where we have 3 locations AND we also added a monthly Riverbed/Wetlands Cleanup.

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