Long Beach Cleanups

There are two (2) Long Beach organizations that conduct cleanups each month.

Please bring garden/work gloves, reusable water bottle and trash grabber so we make less trash. Please bring trash bags back to the blue canopy so we can consolidate bags and reuse them. < /p>

(1) First Saturday of the Month:

One Piece At A Time conducts a Monthly Beach Cleanup, normally from 9 a.m. to Noon where Termino Avenue meets the sand in Long Beach.

Take Termino Ave. South until you enter a parking lot and park. Look for blue canopy and you're there. (Location is between the Belmont Pool and the Belmont Pier). More Informaiton at:

(2) Second Saturday of the Month:

1 Junipero Avenue, Long Beach from 10 to 11 a.m.

Free grilled cheese sandwich and drink to first 30 participants at Pike's after cleanup!

email: for more information

3.5 Million

Trash within the Pacific Ocean

40 Tons

Debris that washes up on our beaches yearly


Sea life known to eat
plastic materials